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At The Kampot

The Local Market


Kampot Market (Phsar Kampot) is a typical provincial town market where you can find anything from oranges to pig heads, flowers to wedding dresses and gold necklaces to floor carpets. Take your time to explore this market which is bustling in the mornings and throughout the day.

There is an area with very basic food stalls serving up delicious soups, deep-fried treats and a variety of sweets.

Phnom Sor (White Mountain)

Wat Phnom Sor is a century-old temple where locals still come to pray. Great views over Kampot province's countryside, town and Elephant Mountain range.

Try to get there in the morning or late afternoon to avoid the burning midday heat. Even though there is shade from the many trees, it is still a bit of a hike up. The path forks once in a while but it is easy to figure out how to get to the top.

Phnom Dong - Coconut Hill  & Salt Fields

For those who want to be quiet and peaceful in a 100% natural environment, this hill provides it all through great views over the ocean with Phu Quoc Island and Bokor Hill in a backdrop. Countryside, Salt Fields and village life dot the gravel track and make this a very pleasant ride to do on a bicycle or motor.

Teuk Chhou Rapids

Teuk Chhou rapids are approximately 8km from Kampot. It’s a popular place to picnic and have a swim in the river, with local food stalls and wooden gazebos provided for a relaxing afternoon. Since the construction of the Kamchay hydro dam further upstream there is less water in the rapids but still worth the trip.

Kampot Pepper

Cambodian pepper production is documented as far back as the 13th century. The climate and soil found in Kampot Province provides an ideal combination for pepper plants, and many fruits. There are numerous pepper plantations around the Kampot/Kep area, and its distinct aromatic flavour has made it a world renowned product, much sought after by gourmet chefs. More than a million pepper poles were producing thousands of tons for export up until the mid-70s.

Local farmers using traditional and modern techniques have been able to revive, in recent years, a sustainable harvest of this world famous pepper. As a result, Kampot Pepper is the only pepper in the world to have attained Protected Geographic Indication (PGI), similar to Champagne, Cognac or Stilton Cheese.

Caves & Caverns

There are a number of caves surrounding Kampot / Kep.

Phnom Sorsir has several caves to explore, the path winding its way up the hill to a stupa atop, with stunning views of the Bokor mountain escarpment. This complex is also known as White Elephant Cave, a reference to the shape of a limestone formation at the base of the main cave.

Phnom Ch'nork has Pre-Angkorian ruins set within a limestone cave, its brick structures dating back to the 6th century ancient state of Funan.

Phnom Salei  is a large circular cavern now open to the sky, with its roof having collapsed over a million years ago. Access is through a tunnel at the side of the limestone formation.

Good footwear and a flashlight are a must when exploring all of the caves, and be aware of broken stairways, low ceilings and slippery rocks.


Climbodia offers an extraordinary tour combining easy rock climbing, via ferrata, abseiling and caving to discover Cambodia's largest caving complex inside out in an exciting and safe way.

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