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Around Kep

The small southern Cambodia seaside town of Kep was probably the closest Southeast Asia came to St-Tropez when, during the French period, the chic coastal resort of Kep-Sur-Mer’s hotels, villas and casino were the weekend getaway for Cambodia’s wealthy elite. Almost totally destroyed during the Khmer Rouge period and subsequent years of conflict, the town is now making a major comeback and is once again featuring on at least the more adventurous tourists’ itineraries.

Kep’s becoming chic again!


Crab Market

The market is a selection of wooden shacks on stilts built over the sea, and it started life as the name suggests: a simple seafood market where the local fishing boats would bring their catch for sale. It’s now evolved into a string of waterfront bars and eateries.

The local seafood dishes are sumptuous. A culinary highlight during any trip to the kingdom!

Kep Beach

A one kilometer long stretch of sand near the tip of the Kep peninsula. Backed by the hills of the Kep National Park and with Rabbit Island within close distance.
The road behind the beach is lined with dining platforms, seafood & fruit sellers.


Kep National Park

The 8km mountain trail through the National Park with its lush forest and hills is definitely recommendable. There are benches along the trail and at the viewpoints to relax for a while and enjoy the sounds and smell of nature.     The best views are on Sunset Rock.


Several new trails are now open for nature walks.
Maps and yellow-black signs showing you the right directions, altitudes and other useful info have been put up in and around the park.

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